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Quantified Well-Being. Inspired Residents. Enriched Communication.


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Enhance your community’s approach to wellness

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Wellness is preventative health

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Inspire, connect and engage your residents

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Get data driven insights focused on wellness

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Differentiate your community to increase occupancy


  • INSPIRED Set wellness goals, follow your progress and focus on positive health outcomes.

  • ENGAGED Interactive platform that engages residents. 

  • CONNECTED Connect with self, peers, community.

  • EMPOWERED Focus on what you can do, not your limitations.
  • INFORM Discover the latest news and research on wellness.

  • LIMITLESS POSSIBILITIES Mobile, open, and connected (integrates with iCal, email, iMessage, video chat, ...).


  • PREVENTATIVE HEALTH Create a culture of wellness and vitality.
  • ASSESS Perform individualized wellness assessments and benchmark your community’s performance.
Use real-time feedback from residents for continuous improvement.
Residents control their independence.
  • GO DIGITAL Connect your community improving efficiency, quality and facilitating accountability.
  • DIFFERENTIATE Increase occupancy. Attract future residents.


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Wellzesta Software - Events for Senior Living Communities
The resident directory within Wellzesta Life provides CCRC's and life plan communities with the opportunity to digitally connect their residents.
The Wellzesta Life software completes a daily checkin for senior residents and collects their mood. Retirement communities can see how their residents are feeling


What people are saying about Wellzesta Life.

01 – Testimonial – Suzanne Pugh

By adopting Wellzesta Life, Aldersgate saw an opportunity to lead the industry and position our community as the premiere provider of wellness for elders in Charlotte NC. We are seeing big dividends.

Suzanne Pugh CEO, Aldersgate United Methodist Retirement Community

02 – Testimonial – Jim Dishman

I set wellness goals and track my progress daily. Our sons (in Oregon and D.C.) are thrilled that we have selected a community so invested in all aspects of our intellectual and physical wellbeing.

Jim D. Resident at a Life Plan Community

04 -Testimonial – Mother in law Existing Resident

Please thank the people who helped Mom today with Wellzesta/iPad use but, most of all, helped her sign up to walk in the pool. FINALLY!

Family Member of a Resident at a Life Plan Community

06 – Testaminial – Jeff Weatherhead

Before Wellzesta Life we didn’t systematically asked our residents, `How are you feeling today?` or `Did you enjoy that activity?` Now we do. We are much more attuned to our residents, and they love it. The positivism in the residents is motivating the staff.

Jeff W. COO at a Life Plan Community

07 -Testimonial – Future Resident

And speaking of light years ahead… as a future resident, I recently received an iPad with access to Wellzesta.  Wellzesta is a 21st century state of the art electronic technology that transfers huge amounts of information. There is no other CCRC in this city with such advanced technology. It extends our access to information and offers many convenient features. I love this technology.

David R. Future Resident